We’re Impoerting Olive Oil from JeanCoop CO that is based on Brazil.

Since then, Jaencoop Group has worked very hard to become a major cooperative Group in the production of olive oil in the province of Jaén and a worldwide benchmark because of its size, the quality of its products and its customer service.

Nowadays it gathers over 14,000 farmers (associates) and over nine million olive trees ­ mostly of the picual variety, although with an increasing number of the arbequina variety.

Jaencoop Group´s production comes from the groves located throughout over twenty municipalities of the PROVINCE OF JAEN, in the Mountain Range of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas and in the areas of El Condado and La Loma, a geographical location defined by a particular weather and a specific relief, both of which enhance the organoleptic attributes of the oil, conferring it a very special flavour.