304     :Most widely used steel type because of its good corrosion resistance,thermal resistance ,strength at low-temperature and mechanical properties.

304L   : It is a type of low-carbon 304 steel that has similar corrosion resistance with 304 steel in normal condition .

304LN:It is is a type of steel added with low-cotton and nitrogen.It was improved in tensil strength and corrosion resistance.


304    :Household utensils (sink ,interior pipe,hot-water system,bathtub,boiler and others),Automotive components(wiper,muffler,molding ),medical instrument,building materials ,some industries(chemical,food processing ,textile) and vessel parts.

304L   :Machinery and tools used in chemical,coal,and petroleum industries that require high inter-granular corrosion resistance, building materials,heat resistance parts and parts that is difficult to implement heat treatment.

304LN:Structural material for train and water tank of heater.


Available products:

304,304L :Hot rolled coil,Cold rolled coil,plate